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Mitsubishi A5M Claude

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A Plastic mod Panzer I Ausf. A Breda, Spani Designed for service on board the aircraft carriers of the Japanese Navy, it was the world's first monoplane carrier fighter when it entered service.

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Codenamed "Claude" by the allies, the A5M saw extensive during the Sino-Japanese War from onwards and was still in frontline service when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and began the invasion of Southeast Asia. Towards the end of , it began to be replaced by its more famous successor, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero.

A5M Mitsubishi Claude RC/ Evo 160 Radial Engine "Maiden"

However it is entirely plausible that Claudes continued in service in rear areas such as Borneo where Biggles encountered it in Biggles in Borneo. Biggles met a Claude while out on his first patrol from Lucky Strike with a formation of two Beaufighter. Biggles described it accurately as a "Mitsubishi Navy B.

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